Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Job Stuff

Ok, so here's the deal: Remember how I sold myself to this company? I came here and convinced them they needed me, then managed to get my foot in the door as a contractor?

Now flash forward 8 months and remember how my direct boss changed positions, so suddenly I was buried with work and went from 20 hours a week to 40?

Ok, now flash forward again to yesterday. I had a talk with my new boss. HIS boss, the CFO, has decided to hire a General Counsel (that's an attorney). It's not a new decision, it's just faster than I expected. They made an offer and the dude accepted.

So our new GC starts mid-June, and my boss wants me to stick around about 3 weeks after that for all the hand-off stuff. That puts me out of a job right around July 7th.

However, 2 weeks ago tomorrow (on the Thursday of my first week of finals, so my apologies for cluing you in, I just got spacey), I had a terrific phone interview. I was referred to the job by a lawyer I used to work with who now works at the new place. Confused yet? No problem. I'll make you a deal. You pray (or talk to the moon or send out good thoughts or whatever it is you do) that I get this new job, and when it comes through, I'll tell ya all about it!

I hope to hear something in the next week or two.

Keep your fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for me!