Monday, March 05, 2007

The Post In Which I Complain Only a Little Bit, But Then Show You a Picture

I’ve decided that the problem with this place is that no one is helpful, but if you call them on it (no matter how politely), they snip at you.

Case in point, I need some information for a vendor registration form, so at the recommendation of my legal peers, I wrote to the head of HR and her assistant. I closed the note with “Thanks for your guidance.” After all, I’m still new.

The response? “stop sending every request to us. There are obviously more appropriate departments.” And yes, this woman is allegedly a professional…” Pfft. Whatever.

Then I got into a thing with the ergonomic-review lady. They’ve been doing my ergo review since NOVEMBER. All I wanted was to move the furniture in my office, but no. It has turned into this freaking ergo-nightmare.

A few weeks ago, they moved my office altogether (to a larger space, so I’m not complaining). Then they ordered me a new mouse and monitor, neither of which I’ve seen yet, and they brought in a demo chair. Well the demo is supremely uncomfortable, so they’re going to TRY to get me another one, but it may take another 2 weeks. Then 2 weeks of trying it out before they can make a purchase. That will make it a full 5 months before I’m settled. All this from a simple “can you please help me re-arrange my furniture” request. So I asked today if there was a reason I couldn’t get a specific ergo chair that I’ve used in the past and been wholly comfortable with, and I got a SLAM response. Yikes!

Not the nicest way to start a Monday.

So that’s why I’ve decided that the primary problem here is an underwhelming amount of helpfulness. The job itself—going pretty well ever since the head-to-head with manager 3 weeks ago. At least that garners one big ol’ YAY.


I promised you an abundance of pictures once I figured out how to download. I did this weekend (right after a friend came over and helped us set up our wireless network—another HUGE YAY), but discovered that most of my pictures are crap. Ah well, chalk it up to user error. But I’ll attach a picture here anyway, lest you think I’m just being a liar. ((hee hee!))

Way back in early February, we celebrated my mom’s 70th birthday. Here’s a picture of our “gourmet” dinner—chips with clam dip, corn dogs, taquitos, oysters, brie, spinach dip, crackers, and bread. So delicious! And remember I told you we made hats? Yeah, well, I didn’t get any pictures of them. Don’t know why… Sorry. But you can see them (sort of ) on the table.

Mom's 70th Bday Dinner


And the best news of all: We bought our tickets to Ireland. Mom and I are taking Emily to her dad’s house on June 29th, the next day we fly to Dublin, then we come home late on July 10th, pick up Em, and fly home on July 11th. I’m so looking forward to it! And yes, there will certainly be many pictures after that.

And that, my friends, is all the news that’s fit to print. I’ll try to post more (and happier) in the upcoming days and weeks as we get our studio set up, the various rooms in our house painted, our hot tub installed, etc. But you all know how it goes, so I ask your forgiveness ahead of time in case my posting continues to be sparse. Until next time, be nice to each other.