Sunday, May 14, 2006

Updates, finally

First of all, thank you sweet folks for hanging with me these last couple of quiet weeks. Secondly, thank you for the kind Mother’s Day wishes.

I finally have a minute at the computer (having given Em the option of Scooby Doo or me where she replied, “Can you just leave then for half an hour?”), so I figured I’d give some update on the shit that’s going on with school and work.

School: After realizing that we have a very limited number of electives in the JD degree, and after looking at the Employment Law syllabus and discovering we have more than 100 pages of reading per week, and after finding a suitable replacement, I’ve dropped my Employment Law class. GOD was it ever boring!

So here’s the deal—Instead of having a long, boring class full of long boring readings that lasts from May 1 to August late-20-something, I will now take three single-unit classes at a school in San Francisco. One of them is 5 Thursdays in a row (each Thursday of June), another is 4 Tuesdays in a row (again, each Tuesday in June, then skip July 4), and Tuesday July 11th. The third class is a Saturday-Sunday seminar.

So for a mere $30 more, I’m cutting my summer schedule down from 16 weeks to 5 and getting the same number of units. Woo HOO! Needless to say, I’m VERY pleased with this option!

Work Stuff: As you no doubt remember, they’ve found an attorney to replace me. A nice compliment to my assessment that they had a job which needed filling, but blah all over me. Whatever.

It’s hard to get myself motivated to give a shit about them anymore. I SHOULD treat it as a cash-cow and just work as many hours as I possibly can, taking as much money from their coffers as I am allowed to. I should also give a shit about the reputation I'm leaving behind. And yet... the idea of trudging day after day for such an unappreciative group of people. Even the money can’t entice me to do a job I have come to loathe.

And remember from that same post how I had a kick-ass phone interview a few weeks ago? Yeah, well, I found out on Friday that didn’t pan out either. ((sigh)) I just have to remember Kerri’s kind words—she said if this didn’t pan out for me, something better will. I know she’s right, but it’s a hard thought to hang onto sometimes.

I’ve gone on a couple of actual interviews, but nothing stellar. There are a few other things brewing, but I hesitate to talk about them. I will later, when there’s an absolute yea or nay.

For now, that’s the scoop. I’ve got my head buried in the sand. I’m doing my little crab-withdrawal things. I know you other cancer-babies understand. And I thank you ALL for your prayers and patience. Back with you soon, in full summer glory.