Tuesday, January 13, 2009

You're Going to be Sorry You Asked!

Oh my god, you guys, who is the slacker running this site? Sheesh! I swear life hasn’t been THAT busy; I guess I’m just a lazy sot. Yet y’all keep coming back to read. I don’t know why, but I know you do—I see you on my statcounter. Lots and lots of you, even though only 4 people leave comments. (Special Hi To The Four People Who Comment!)

Lets see… It snowed here in Portland for 21 of the 31 days of December. We in this house have decided unanimously that snow is TOTALLY overrated. One consequence of the snows and resulting house-bound-ness was that, except my mom and Storey, everyone got very, very sick. Ugh.

Alright then, that’s enough of that crap.

On Christmas day, I decided that I’m going to take a picture a day for a year to catalogue our lives. Do you know that taking a picture every single day forces a person to see just how little they do on a daily basis? Dude—this is harder than I thought it would be.

BUT—because this is my blog and I can do what-the-fuck-ever I want, I’m going to post the first 13 days of this year. AND—I might just subject you to the rest of the year in fits and starts. NaNA!

January 1:

2009-01-01 New Year's Day

Friends came over and we played games, put together a couple of puzzles, and ate bean soup for dinner. (I don’t know what the deal is with bean soup on New Year’s night, but whatever. It was good.)

January 2:

2009-01-02 putting away the tree

Took the ornaments off the tree; put them away; took down the tree. Christmas is done now.

January 3:

2009-01-03 I want to sleep with Bai Yah

Emily’s home from her dad’s house. She’s so excited to be back she wants to sleep with Bai Yah (of course that only lasted until Bai Yah turned off the light, then she came down to our bed so she could “read” more—that is, play on her DS!)

January 4:

2009-01.04 Storey Made Pie

Storey made an apple pie and OHMYGOD was it good!

January 5:

2009-01.05 Feast of Leftovers

Everyone is sick, no one wants to cook. Seriously, don’t we have any leftovers? Oh wow—I guess we have an abundance of leftovers!

January 6:

2009-01-06 Teri and Cheesecake

Teri came to Portland to interview for a residency slot at OHSU. She was only here one (very fast) overnight, but since it was 2 days before her 40th birthday, we HAD to celebrate with cheesecake!

January 7:

2009-01-07 The Hat is Done
Mom started this hat shortly after Christmas with yarn that was a gift from Robin. This is the day she finished the hat (it’s inside-out in the photo—I told you it was hard to find stuff to picture every day).

January 8:

2009-01-08 Sam In a Pitcher

Nothing to report; no pictures to capture our day. This is Sam, taken through the water pitcher at dinner.

January 9:

2009-01-09 Mmmm Cookies

Mom made cookies. (No, seriously. We have no lives!)

January 10:

2009-01-10 Emily's Puzzle

Saturday—Emily received this puzzle (and a number of other gifts) in the mail from her step-great-grandmother, so we put it together, um, together. We got the border done, then I wouldn’t let her do any more until she took a bath and washed her hair. Bribery is such a wonderful parenting tool, don’t you think?

January 11:

2009-01-11 Lily's Finger On the Cake

Lily’s 2nd birthday party, a high-tea. Her mom and dad made this awesome cake. The whole day was lovely, but absolutely exhausting.

January 12:

2009-01-12 Storey Computing

Typical Monday evening. Nothing much to do. Storey’s playing on her computer in the living room.

January 13:

2009-01-13 Em Setting The Table

Now that she is 8, she gets to set the table sometimes. (I say “gets to” like it was a treat, thinking perhaps I’ll convince her that it’s FUN! Yay! But no, she knows my tricks. Damn.)

Are you sorry you asked? Was it worth the wait? Aren't our lives Utterly Riveting?!

Shut up.

I'll be back soon.

Yes I will.

YES I will, I said!

Geez. You non-believers.