Monday, January 19, 2009

Parking Lot Scene

Emily and I went to the bookstore yesterday to spend our Christmas Gift Cards. As we stagged out into the UNREAL winds, laden down with a gazillion books, I realized I forgot where we parked. I had a general idea, but not an exact memory.

So I asked Emily, "Hey, do you remember where the car is?"

She said, in her perkiest little voice, "Yeah!"

Me: "Really? You know where the car is?"

Em: "Yeah!"

Me: "Oh, good. Can you tell me where?"

Em: "Yeah!"

Me: "Shit, Dude, where's the fucking car?"

Em (barely stifled giggle): "In the parking lot!"

Me (laughing): "Gah. You're such a smart ass."

(The mom walking past us didn't laugh nearly as hard as Em and I did!)