Friday, January 16, 2009

Emotional Train Wreck

So I’ve a ton of stuff going on at the office this week and I think I’ve just hit the place where I’m officially cracked.

I started my drive home talking to a friend, which was cool because the traffic was HORRIBLE and I enjoyed the conversation, but it ended up being a short call, so there’s no excuse for what followed other than to say maybe I was just too far in my head. I dunno.

Obviously there are only so many bridges that cross the river, and I’ve driven this route hundreds and hundreds of times, but today I missed the turn for my bridge. I figured I’d hop on the next one, except that there was no entrance from the road I was on. By the time I got across a bridge, I was WAY off track.

Not a big deal, I figured I could take it in stride because the sun was setting and so pretty and I had my favorite CD on. See there, I was trying to stay positive. So I wended my way back toward my part of town and when I got to the LAST major turn, after a full 20 extra minutes of driving in the midst of long lines of cars, I (not being accustomed to coming at this road from this direction) chose the wrong lane.

From that fuck up, it took me another full 20 minutes to get home, during which time that one song came on the CD—that one that I always skip past because it makes me think of the time my dad almost died.

And apparently that was the last straw. Because there I was, singing along, and I suddenly could not stop crying.

I feel a little better now, but I’m really looking forward to sleeping this weekend away.