Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stuff and Whatever

Ok, so at work I sit near the City’s parking enforcement division. A few nights ago, I dreamed that I was wearing a meter reader uniform on Halloween but no one recognized it as a costume, they all thought I had started to work for that division. I kept saying, “No, guys—it’s a Costume!”, but no one believed me.

Speaking of work-related stuff, I asked my employer for a raise. Nothing exorbitant, just enough to live on. After almost 2 weeks, I heard back. They can’t do it. Umm… what?! So today I applied for five new jobs. I’m hoping that even more show up on my radar in the next couple weeks. I gotta get better pay than this PRONTO. It’s killing me!

Yesterday I did a major stupid. I left my full-length leather coat on the bus. This morning I called lost and found. It was turned in! I’m going to pick it up this afternoon. God I love Portland.

And in the best news of all, my daughter. She is a natural:

With Tongue