Thursday, September 04, 2008

Is it Time for an Update, You Think?

About 80% of the time, I feel about 90% better. The rest of the time, I only feel about 50% better though (clearly I have my moments). I’m no longer taking any pain meds—well, it has been 2 weeks as of tonight—but I think I might fill my Rx for sleeping pills. I’m still not sleeping well.

Of course, you wouldn’t know that if all you saw was me going to bed at 9:00 and not getting up until 14 hours later…

But yeah. I saw my doc on Tuesday and he said it’ll probably be another 3 or 4 weeks until I’m totally “normal” (which is SUCH a relative term!), but I’m going back to work this coming Monday. I must say, although I’m a little nervous about working a full day so soon, I’m very excited to go back to doing something productive. I miss my friends and I miss the paycheck even more. When I went into surgery, I was 10 days short to qualify for short-term disability, so I’ve gotten exactly NO money for these 2 ½ weeks off. Ouch.

Coupled with the fact that Emily’s dad has decided not to pay child support since June, we’re supremely broke right now. Like Hurtin’ Bad Broke. But school has started, so we’re confident that Jeff’s going to start being called to substitute soon, and once those phone calls come in, he makes very good money. It’s just the bad timing of appendicitis in the summer. But we don’t plan these things.

On the very plus side, even though Emily’s father’s choices are affecting us in a not very good way, his parents are being fabulous. I had to bite the bullet and call them on Tuesday for a loan so I could buy Emily some new school clothes and shoes… they gave me three times what I asked for AND they sent me a VERY generous Costco card. I don’t know what I’d have done without that help.

As for being productive, even though I occasionally have a hard time sitting up for more than 3 or 4 hours, I’ve done a bit of sewing this week. Nothing major. Some valances for one of the classrooms at school. Oh, did I mention that the school has moved to a new, larger building? By larger, I mean like about EIGHT times the size of the old building—and no I’m not exaggerating! There are now distinct “home rooms” for each age group (5-8ish, 8-ish to 11-ish, and 11-ish to graduation age), as well as office spaces for the Executive Director and the Core Volunteers, a computer/science room, a quiet room, a living room, and an ENORMOUS basement, which has a commercial kitchen, and separate dressing rooms and music rooms off the large stage. The middle room upstairs gets some afternoon glare, so we’re hoping the curtains help.

I’m also going to make an gigantic beanbag chair for the youngest room, but probably not until the weekend.

Oh, and we unearthed an extra microwave in our stash of things which we are going to clean up and give to the oldest room (which they refer to as the “teen lounge”).

Do I sound excited about the new school? Yeah, I really am. But nowhere NEAR as excited as the kids were! On Tuesday evening, we told the kids they needed to be ready to go to school at 8:00 Wednesday morning. Emily woke up at 5:00 telling me she was just WAY too excited to sleep, so I let her get up and get dressed. I’m not sure what time Kate’s kids were up, but I do know that by about 7:40, all three kids were in the car, with the engine running, waiting for us. Kate and I finished making our coffees and lunches before heading to the car, so they still had to wait until 8:00, but seriously, have you ever seen kids so flippin’ excited to go to school? And all the parents I spoke with yesterday said their kids were exactly the same way—pulling them out the door yelling, “Come ON Mom, we’re going to be late for the first day of school!”

Also (I think this is so cool), I was NOT the only mom who showed up at the school yesterday just to hang out during the first day. There were probably half a dozen of us at any one time hanging in the living room while our kids did their things, occasionally coming to touch base with us. At one point, a couple of the advisors came by with their guitars and we sang for about an hour or so, essentially giving an impromptu “performance” for folks who had never heard us sing. It was pretty awesome.

I love that place.

Today is lower key. For me, anyway. I didn’t go to school with them; I opted to sleep until 11:00. Then we went to Sears to buy a new VCR/DVD player (ours totally gave up the ghost the other night). I heart Sears and its credit-card goodness. Tonight, I’m going to watch a movie!

Right now though, I think I’m going to take a nap.