Sunday, July 13, 2008

To Do:

Finalize the pattern that was due on Friday; get it mailed out.

Download Boston pictures from camera to computer; crop, adjust color, etc.; upload to flickr.

Steal some of Julie's Boston pictures from flickr. (Oh wait... I can't do that because SHE hasn't uploaded them yet either!)

Write a decent blog post about Boston.

Steal some of my sister's pictures from the Oregon Country Fair (i.e.: Hippie Fest Central) from flickr.

Write a blog post about the Fair. (Awesome!)

Clean the kitchen.

Strip bed, wash sheets, re-make bed.

Go to Choir Practice from 1-4 today.

Update littlebird shops website.

Clean Emily's playroom.

Finish sewing 2 dresses for Susan.

Finish making sister's chair slipcover and cushions.

Finish recovering another customer's outdoor cushions.

Help paint the livingroom. Maybe.

Print this list of stuff, prioritize, then get to work!