Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Good Mother

Em has been at her dad's place for almost 2 weeks. She spent the last 2 nights with her Nana (my old roommate). Those two nights were the ONLY two since she went to California that she hasn't called me in tears.

I don't just mean tears, I mean weeping, sobbing, can't-catch-her-breath crying.

My first reaction was to feel very bad for her, but when her dad would come in the room, she would magically sound better... I thought I was being played.

But when I spoke to her at Nana's, she didn't cry at all. She told me she missed me, but she giggled and joked the whole time we were on the phone. Her Nana made a point of telling me that she's SUPER homesick--we spoke this evening after Em had gone back to her dad's and she told me Em is just miserable...

So when Emily called me this evening, I couldn't let it continue.

It is my job as her mother to look after her emotional well being. I used the last of my savings to change our tickets so I can bring her home a week early.

I haven't even talked to her dad yet, and I know he's going to be upset (maybe even angry, I'm not sure). He can bring her down again this summer--it's only mid-July--just not for more than a week or so at a time. It's too much.

I guess she still is my baby.

Please think good thoughts. He's supposed to bring her to me at the airport around 3:30. Seriously. Put ALL your energy into getting her home with me on Monday.