Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rabbit Hole

I love Google-Earth. Yesterday when I got off my bus, I saw an alley that looked like it might lead to my street, but I wasn't sure and my foot hurt so I decided not to explore.

Instead, I Google-Earthed it (bet you didn't know that was a verb, did you?) and discovered it DOES go through. So this morning, I used my new short-cut. And the alley isn't even dirty or covered in graffiti. Yay!

There's one stop on the bus line I take where about half a dozen people always disembark together and then they sort of disappear down a rabbit hole. Yesterday, I asked a fellow rider where they all go. She told me about a path under the freeway that leads to the waterfront where they catch a tram up to the hospital. Makes sense, but it still made me giggle this morning to see all those people disappear down the rabbit hole.

I have nothing new to report save those few thoughts. I hope your days are pleasant. Happy summer.