Saturday, June 28, 2008

Game of Real Life

Every Saturday and Sunday from March through December, Portland is host to the "Saturday Market", a fabulous display of arts, crafts, music, foods, and other fun things.

Shortly before Christmas, Kate bought a game there from one of the regular vendors. The game is called The Game of Real Life. I can't describe it to you--it must be experienced first hand--but I can give you a taste of it...

A couple of nights ago, Jeff and Robin were playing The Game of Real Life. Each player rolled the die for his health points, then rolled again for his social status. Jeff rolled a One (sickly) and another One (poor). He was bemoaning the fact that he was poor and sickly before the game even started, and then he rolled yet another One, landing on the first space of the game where he was aborted. Game Over. The end.

I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself.

The Game of Real Life is funny, realistic (to a point), irreverent, and Hilariously funny! I think you should all get a copy RIGHT NOW and start playing! (And no, I don't know the vendor or get a cut of his profit. I really just think it's wonderful & funny!)