Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

I interviewed for a perfect job 2 weeks ago on Wednesday. At the time, they hadn’t decided on their next steps yet, but they knew they’d make a decision soon. They said they’d let me know by Friday, 2 days later, either way.

I got back from recording the CD and there was no email waiting for me, so I sent a note to the HR rep. She replied with an apology—they had narrowed the candidate field to three and I was one of the three, but the hiring manager had to go to corporate (which is in Europe, so not a quick turn-around trip). She said she’d let me know by the middle of next week.

I know it’s not even noon on Tuesday yet, but I’m crawling out of my skin with anxiety. I would like to know NOW if they’re going to hire me or not!

Keep thinking good thoughts. This job looks awesome.