Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I'm torn...

On the one hand, I’m sorry that we live in such a litigious society—sorry that when a contractor says to a supervisor at a government institution, “My hands hurt”, the immediate response is “RUN TO ERGO!”. As a tax-payer, I’m sorry that it’s just that easy to get a whole new set-up (adjusting desk heights, buying wrist pads a new computer mouse, and even a new chair) for someone who may well only be at the job for another month. It has to be expensive, and someone has to pay for that.

But as a person with a legal background, I understand the importance of having ergonomically correct work-places, and I totally get how much LESS expensive it is to outfit a person for a month when compared to paying disability for potentially years.

And as the person with the sore hands, I have to say I am SO grateful that it’s just that easy. By tomorrow, I should be all set. Which is great, because my wrist has been killing me the last week or so.