Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Good Bits

Mom and I went to the coast last Thursday evening after choir practice. We explored the rental, chose our room, turned on the heat and settled in. Friday we read, knit, worked on patterns, listened to Pride and Prejudice on the TV, and generally tried to stay out of the way while Gavin, Ethan and Anton set up the recording equipment.

By 7:30 or so Friday evening, all but 2 members of the choir were there and we started to sing. No recording, but we can’t get together without making joyful noises. That’s just the way it goes.

On Saturday morning, some of us slept in and some of us got up early for a walk on the beach.


The morning started out lovely, but turned in the blink of an eye. Cold, loud hail. It was amazing to behold.

During the course of the weekend, we saw bits of sun, more bits of hail, mostly rain, and even the occasional snow flurry, and we recorded these ten songs:
Waterfall (don't know who wrote that, but we tweaked the words a little bit to make it more "school friendly")
Lookin' Out My Back Door (yes, the one by Credence)
Smile (written by one of Gav's BFFs; Awesome song!)
So Long (Don't know where this came from )
Everything's All Right (From Jesus Christ Superstar)
California (Tom Petty)
True That (also written by a friend of Gavin's. Don't know the history of this)
Waters of March (Umm, don't remember the author. Originally written and recorded in Spanish)
Traveling So Long (I think written by the same person who wrote True That)
Scared of Something (ZeFrank, the Internet phenomenon; fabulously fun to sing!)


We’re anticipating the CD will be through post production blah blah blah and ready to sell in about 2 months. So excited—I can’t wait!


One of the neatest things that happened over the course of the weekend was that whenever we had breaks, someone would invariably start humming or singing a song. And then someone else would pipe in from around the corner, and another voice or two from above in the loft, and maybe another few from out on the deck or something, until everyone was singing in full voice. Never in my life have I been with a group of people who were so Literally in-tune with each other. It was amazing. Even on the impromptu bits we sounded good!


(Funniest part of coming home: Up until about yesterday, the backs of my legs were bruised where I wrapped them around the chair for 2 straight days.)

When I went to the school Monday after I got back in town, one of the advisors who used to never be very present in my life but who is in the choir and was there for the weekend gave me a BIG hug.


Actually, there were lots of hugs during the weekend, too. I think the dynamics of our relationships have changed. In a good way.

group hug

In the car on the way home from the coast on Monday my mom and I talked about things we're willing to pare out of our lives so we can live less expensively so we can afford to travel more.

Yesterday was “Bring your child to work day” at the City offices. We didn’t get very much work done, but Emily had a fabulous time. She got to hang out with the daughter of another CA here (the girls are only a few months apart in age), she got to climb in and around a fire truck, a fire paramedic transport (like an ambulance), and a police car, and she got to pet a K-9 unit dog. He was beautiful and had HUGE feet!

At one point when I took Em to the bathroom, she looked at the dispenser on the wall and said, “Tampons, 50c. Hmm. Napkins, 50c. That’s dumb. Nobody eats in the bathroom!”

After work, I headed back to my new home-away-from-home: Choir Practice. The best part after this weekend is that we completely ROCKED at practice!

And after that, there was a school meeting where we discussed a number of important current issues—chief among them is the financial gap we’re facing after having lost a few kids. Scary. But I’m hopeful we can fill that gap and keep running a great institution for our kids. (If any of you want to donate funds to our adventure, email me. We’re a tax-deductible 501(c3) non-profit and I’ll love you forever!)

Other than feeling the need to sing new songs with my people and to have Em’s dad served with custody papers ASAP, there’s nothing much happening in my world. Sewing, knitting, writing patterns, looking for a job again. More on that later.

Have a great weekend. I’ll try to be more present next week.