Sunday, March 09, 2008

'tis March, my friends

So I started my new job on Monday. I got a taste of government employment from the very first day. There was no where for me to sit, no phone, and no computer. But the people are all super nice; very warm and welcoming, and they included me in their chit-chat conversations, which is SO nice after such a long time! I even like what I’m doing.

Oh, and my boss is totally laid back about hours. Want to come in at 7:30, take a short lunch and leave at 4:00? Sure. Want to come in at 8:00, take a long lunch and stay until 6:00? No problem. Whatever works for you, as long as the work gets done. Yay!

On Thursdays at the school we have Free Choir. That is, the choir is available to any member of the school community. There are no auditions, no “practices”, and no expectations. If you feel like showing up on Thursday and singing with the group, someone with a guitar will be there to play. I love Free Choir.*

(*Aside: When I was young, I went to church regularly. I had a crisis of faith and stopped going when I was in high school. The “crisis” was compounded by the fact that my priest also left the church at the same time. It’s tough enough to be a teen with all these questions, but to be a teen whose mentor has the same questions and whose mentor help you work through them with a different perspective… well, let’s just say I left the church. I never abandoned my relationship with god, but it’s remained intensely private since then. At various times in my adult life I have attempted to reach out to recapture that sense of community on a spiritual level. I’ve never found it. When I sing at Free Choir with the students, other parents, volunteers, and staff members, in among the notes and voices there is a sense of comfort. I had a mini-epiphany last week while we were singing “The Waters of March”. I realized that Free Choir is my spiritual community. Who would ever have guessed I’d find a public relationship with god in a school choir? Funny, but very cool.)

So, we have some parents who are students themselves. One of the moms at the school is in a graduate program, the details of which I don’t really know. But she’s working on a project for her class which involves creating advertisements and/or publicity. She’s using our school as her model so that when the homework portion is complete, the school can actually benefit from her work and USE this stuff in its own advertising. Pretty cool, huh?

All this is to explain that this past Thursday at Free Choir, we recorded ourselves. I don’t know if it was because we were a particularly small group or because we knew we were being recorded or what, but we were ON. I mean, we were smokin’ hot! We’ve never sounded so good or so cohesive as a group. I hope we can post the songs on our internet pages. As soon as I get copies, I’ll link them so you guys can hear us having so much fun. We recorded four songs which were written by various friends of the community members… we also recorded 3 more well-known songs, but because of copyright issues, we won’t be using them anywhere. They were just for fun.

Let’s see… after Free Choir, there was a Circle Meeting (that is, a meeting of any students, parents, volunteers, community member, staff, etc. who want to join in). We discussed school culture. It seems that one or two families are dissatisfied with the culture of our community, so they’ve made a HUGE deal about it which has culminated in a number of community Circle Meetings so we can “resolve the issues” (I think you can tell which side I’m on). Feh. I think people need to be a little more responsible for their own actions and issues. But what do I know.

Um, what else…

Oh, Emily has been teaching herself to type by touch using a Sponge Bob program on the internet. It’s inspiring to see her teach herself something in which she’s interested, and it’s cool to see how excited she becomes when she gets something right. I’m proud of her.

This weekend, I’m FINALLY finishing my room. Got the last bit painted (I’m waiting for it to dry right now) and will then move the furniture around and at long last put Em’s toys in their proper places. She’s SO excited about having her own play space! I’ll be sure to post pictures as soon as I can.

On that note, it might be another week before I post. I do apologize for the long delay, but by the time I get home and do all the necessary stuff, I’m tired and ready to sit. I’m sure it’ll get easier again, but it’s been 5 months since I’ve worked full-time and I’m just out of practice I think. ((grin))

Have a wonderful week.