Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's like a bad re-run that just keeps playing on continuous loop...

So here’s the news for today—when I was offered this position as a contractor to the City, it was working for the Bureau of Technology Services (BTS). Between the day I was offered the contract and the day I started working (about 10 days later), the city moved this particular division of contract administration from BTS to Bureau of Purchasing.

So no big deal. Everything’s going to be essentially the same, except that we’re supposed to move to one of the downtown offices in a month or two.

Except not.

Turns out it IS a big deal.

The CTO over Purchasing doesn’t think my position is necessary. He can’t fathom the importance of what I’m doing, blah, blah, blah.

He asked my boss to send him an email explaining what I do and why I need to be here. She did that on Friday, hoping to get an answer from him on whether or not I can stay here.

So far, no answer.

We’re hopeful that he’ll see the value and say that I can stay. Maybe then he’d just move me over to the new BTS offices and I can work out the remainder of my contract.

But more likely he’ll just say no and I’ll be unemployed again.

Oh—and the three positions she had approved for July? Yeah, those were from the BTS budget. Purchasing has withdrawn those positions.

I feel totally fucked.