Thursday, March 27, 2008

Is It Summer Yet?

Ok, first things first: I'm still in an uncertain and unsettled job, but at least for now I'm confident it'll last a few more months. The contracts team is moving to a building down-town and it's been passed down to my boss that I'm expected to be one of the six making the move. Yay! (And yes, Bobbie, this means we'll finally be able to meet up for lunch.)

Other than that, I've just been making summer plans. Summer fills up fast around here.

One weekend in April the free choir will be recording an album. I'm very excited and we're sounding quite good together.

On Father's day weekend, Emily and I are going to meet up with my dad and his wife for a 4 day camping trip in the Santa Barbara area in California. Yay!

Best yet, though, is that for about a week (late June to early July), my Mom, Emily and I are going to Boston--yeah, baby, we'll be in Boston over the 4th of July! A day or 2 after we arrive, Julz will be joining us, and it is our plan to suck up as much of the Sloth's free time as is humanly possible, catch the Boston Pops for July 4th, and soak in all sorts of history. The only thing that would make it perfect is if ESC could join us, but alas she's unable to just yet.

Still, I'm pretty excited about it.

And then of course I have a wedding to go to in So. Cal. this August--that should be loads of fun as well.

Man, I LOVE summertime!