Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Two days on the inhaler and already my cough is getting better.

My mom's birthday was yesterday. We didn't do much. A nice supper and a delicious white cake (with VERY pink frosting--which was kind of a mistake, but tasted good nonetheless).

I didn't get the job. I wanted it and I was a very close second choice. I asked the VP why she chose the other candidate over me and she said it was based on one issue only: The other person has published patterns already. That's it.

And while that makes me feel better on a logical level, it doesn't do anything for my bank account, and it still sucks emotionally.

On the plus side, they pay they were offering is approximately half of what I'm used to making. I'm not sure we could have lived on that little.

So, I'll just keep on trucking. One of these days I'll find something. I hope.