Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I find myself disappointed (or maybe just saddened?) that Edwards has stepped down, although honestly I'm not surprised.

I hope the remaining two don't turn this into such a contentious race that it divides the Democrats. It would be in keeping with the party's history to have an election handed over on a silver platter only to have us fuck it up with our petty bickering.

On the plus side, however, if we do turn this into a train wreck, at least McCain is the Republican frontrunner. He's the least offensive of the bunch.

In other news, it's been very cold here. Lots of rain, occasional threats of snow (with little materialization this far down the valley floor), few opportunities to open the doors or windows. We're all sharing versions of the same virus and we're all ready for some fresh air.

I have walking pneumonia, which (thankfully) is not even in the same family as "regular" pneumonia. So while I feel horrid, at least I won't need to be rushed to the hospital. The antibiotics I'm getting today should help me feel better soon. I'm ready to lie down to sleep now; this chair-sleeping is making my neck hurt. Not to mention how bad my hair looks in the morning! ((grin))

There's a lot of turmoil right now. It has nothing to do with other people, it's all just stuff in my head and my heart. I'm trying to figure out some answers. I know a lot of people depend on me and I don't want to let them down, but it would be good (for me, at least) if I can find a way to satisfy those dependencies without betraying my own desires.

I predict lots of thinking and dreaming in the next few days.

And one of these days, when it is least expected, I WILL FINISH painting my bedroom!!!

Thanks for hanging with me, reader friends. I know my posts have been anxious, short, infrequent, and not altogether pleasant. I'm still the same person as ever, just a bit preoccupied.