Thursday, December 20, 2007

Check--Mini update with a few pictures

Sewed shirt for Em's dad--Check
Sewed shirt for Em's dad's dad--Check
Knitted wrap for Em's dad's mom--Check
Sandy's Scarf

Knitted hat for BIL--Check
Jeff's Christmas Hat

Knitted hat for niece--Check
Storey's Christmas Hat

Sewed jammies for niece--Check
Sewed jammies for daughter--Check
Sewed Christmas dress for daughter--Check
Em's Christmas Dress

Sewed Christmas dress for daughter's doll--Check
Knitted sweater for Knit Picks catalogue--Check

Sew pants for mom--NOT done yet
Sew jacket for nephew--NOT done yet
Sew that thing for sister (not telling, 'cause she reads here)--NOT done yet.

4 days to Christmas. I only have a little left to do, but I'm going to need every hour of those days.

As soon as I can, I'll update this checklist with (MORE) pictures of completed projects.

See you later!