Thursday, October 25, 2007


The household awoke this morning to the sounds of VERY labored breathing. We discovered my dad (who came to visit on Tuesday and had been sleeping on the sofa) in the midst of a siezure.

Kate got his tongue out of his teeth (eventually), got him turned on his side after he started vomiting (again?), and answered questions while Jeff spoke to the people at 911.

The ambulance crew were unable to intubate him in the field. Once he got to the hospital, he was intubated and run through a CT scan. They found no significant neurological issue (they were looking for a stroke or something similar, but found no evidence of that), but they did discover a HUGE amount of air in his abdominal cavity--which was actually already obvious because his belly was more distended by the minute.

HOURS and HOURS later, we found out that the perf was in his stomach. The doctor thinks that the attempts to intubate blew additional air, which caused a weak spot to perf. We're reasonably certain that the perf was the secondary event. Unfortunately, we still don't know what the primary event was.

By the time I left this evening at 7:00, he was responsive, opened his eyes (mostly), nodded his head when spoken to (sort of), and could squeeze our fingers when we told him we love him.

My eyes sting from tears and lack of sleep. We're no where near out of the woods. Tomorrow morning, an MRI for a more detailed look at the brain activity. Although we're getting a lot of motion, he has yet to move his right foot or toes... we'll see.

I love my dad so much. He's one of the greatest people in the whole world. Please, please keep praying (or whatever it is you do).

I'll update again as I can.