Monday, October 01, 2007

Poop Dog

We call him “Poop-Dog”. Actually, we call him all sorts of unsavory and unkind names.

In return, he gives us the Evil-Eye (which is actually very cute):

Evil Eye

He and Emily are best friends:
Best Friends

(the Niners are still the best football team. I don’t care where I live).
Em and Sam in the Morning

Oh yeah, and I finished this sweater weeks and weeks ago. Just now getting to the pictures.

It’s all knit in one solid piece and looks like a blob when complete. Putting it into the right shape is actually a bit puzzling at first.
EZ Sweater Blob

Once I realized what the back was supposed to look like, that made it much easier to understand.
EZ Sweater Back

And here it is all sewn up and with buttons and everything, totally done.
EZ Sweater Finished

Now all I have to do is photograph all the OTHER knitting I’ve completed in the last couple months, and get to the post office to send these things off to their new respective owners.

Oy. So much to do. So much to do.