Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Other Things

As you know, Emily has started going to a new school. It’s an alternative school, a free-school. More in the mode of unschooling than anything traditional.

And while we loved the Catholic school for a variety of reasons, there were even more reasons we did not love it (hypocrisy being up near the top, finances coming in a tight second). This new place is unbelievable. No one teases or snubs like at the last place. No one has ever told these kids they can’t do something, so they have higher degrees of self esteem, self awareness, and confidence than your normal kid (not to mention that they’re far less concerned with other peoples’ opinions—which is so lovely most of the time!).

On a personal note, Emily is blossoming into a confident little girl. She doesn’t cling on my around strangers anymore, she’s no longer afraid of going to bed alone, she no longer has nightmares on a semi-regular basis, she’s eating better/more/healthier, and—the best of all—she LAUGHS all the time! It’s all about her, and I’m over the moon.

So… since it’s a free-school, that means there are no classrooms per-se. But some kids have expressed an interest in learning about history, so the advisors have put together some history lessons. To help facilitate the learning process for the more visual learners, by request of the advisors, Kate has created eight puppets. They asked for sock puppets, but instead they got these:

Puppets 2

Puppets 1

As you can see, there are two women, 4 men, and 2 that could go either way.

As accessories (to turn them into different people), she also made a gold crown, a laurel leaf wreath, a rag-hat, a top-hat, and is working on various capes to act as their clothes.

One of the women, when wearing the rag-hat, looks a little Betsy Ross-ish, so I made this to go with the accessories:

Flag for Puppets

Now the word is that someone’s bringing in an actual puppet theater sometime this week. Being an integral part of our children’s education is SO exciting!

And in other news, I finished sweater the sweater for the Sloth-Puppy, Penny—here it is modeled on my sister’s hand, though I’m sure once Sloth receives (going to mail it today), we’ll see pictures of Penny actually wearing it.


I’m also working on a modified version of the sweater for Sam. He’s such a barrel-chested little dude I find I’m having to make some severe alterations to the pattern. The stripes are to keep me from getting bored. Once I’ve figured out all the changes, I’ll go back and make him his own with skull and crossbones.


And that’s all the news that’s fit to print right now. Have a lovely day.