Friday, September 14, 2007

Sometimes life gets kind of sucky. Things get in the way of goodness and happiness.

It's go great at times like that to have a family who makes me laugh.

Here are two recent examples:

*We got a new sofa yesterday. We couldn't get it in the door. My mom and Kate sawed the legs off, moved it into the house, and glued the legs back on. They swear you can't tell.

*A few days ago my mom was casually thumbing through a catalogue. She came across a particularly hideous pair of pants and jokingly said to Kate, "Oh, Kate! I'm going to go on a crash diet, get these jeans, and LIVE in them! Will you bury me in them?" To which Kate replied, "Yup. The moment you put them on."

There are more. I'll update later.