Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Saving Up Monday

I used that line on an email exchange with Julie yesterday. I thought it was particularly pithy. Of course, I could have been mistaken.

I mentioned that all the typical “Monday” things seem to have been saved up from Monday and passed along to Tuesday, in honor of the three day weekend.

At least, that’s how it looked on the other side of the freeway. As for me, I didn’t spill coffee, forget my phone or my lunch, or walk into any nightmarish situations at work, so I’m not sure where the title even came from. Borrowing trouble, I guess.

I should know better. ((grin))

Susan Update:

As of Monday, Susan can move all the toes on her left foot—on purpose. She can also feel the difference between dull and sharp if you poke her arm (not that they’re spending a lot of time poking her, but you know). She has been outfitted with a wheelchair which, if she’s wearing her arm splints, she can move herself, although apparently she’s a speed demon, so they’ve forbidden her to drive alone.

As of today, a mere two days later, she can move both legs (especially the left one) alone and in response to Physical Therapy stimulation—without gravity. She has movement in both arms (sometimes even where she wants them to go!), and earlier today was able to squeeze the OT’s fingers when they were put into her hand.

In addition to the mobility issues, there are other health concerns (blood pressure, renal issues, etc.) She’s being closely monitored and we’re all very hopeful that at some point in the (relatively) near future, she’ll be healthy and whole again.

School started this morning. I have more to say and I’ll do that soon.