Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nature and Technology

Emily and some other kids were playing in the park late last week. Em sauntered up to Austin, one of the school advisors, and said, “Um, so, some people think the sky goes on forever. But not really. I mean, nothing goes on forever.”

Then she abruptly changed the subject—“People are either Nature people or Technology people. Like those boys,” pointing to 2 boys climbing a tree, “They’re into nature right now. But when they get back to school, they’ll get on the computers and then they’ll be into technology. Take me for example, I’m into nature AND technology.” Then she held up a stick which she had wrapped with leaves and asked, “Do you know what this is?” When Austin said no, she excitedly exclaimed, “NEITHER DO I! But it’s Nature AND Technology!”

She’s so cute.