Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mas Y Mas

Mabel's is officially closed. Today was the last day.

This morning I asked Em if she wanted to go have one last "hang-out" at Mabel's--she asked, "Can I bring my Nintendo DS?" When I told her of course, she pulled on her shoes and ran to the car.

Everything was 50% off. In some cases, things were more like, "Oh, god, just take it!"

Here is the final-final stash from Mabel's:

Mabel's Second Haul

That's 2 Elsabeth Lavold books, a Simple Knits book, a stryofoam head (I haven't been able to find a hat block for this latest Knit Picks project. I'm hoping this works), 2 skeins of Little Leheigh for my mom to use on a baby sweater, one skein of Opal red & white stripe for socks for Kate (I hope they come out looking like candy-canes!), 5 skeins of Cotton Chenille for a circular baby blanket, 2 Maggi linens and one Maggi mohair for my mom to make scarves, an itty-bitty green baby hat sample that was SO pretty, a Mabel's t-shirt for Em (new sleep shirt, don'tcha know), and 3 pairs of circular needles--two of which are exactly the same, because at 50% off I can finally afford to have an on-purpose duplicate so I can check out this whole "knit two socks at once on two circulars" phenomenon.


That was a MOUTHFUL!

Geez Louise. I better stop typing and start knitting.