Friday, August 17, 2007

Knit Heavy Post. Deal With It.

Not one, but TWO of our local yarn shops are closing their doors. I’m bummed, because one of them was my closest and my favorite.

But that did not stop me from taking advantage of their going out of business sale.

My new mini-stash from “Lint”:

Lint Stash

Which, individually, is comprised of these beautiful bits:

Three new Debbie Bliss Books—
New Books

Two skeins of alpaca/silk for my mom (I think she’s going to make pretty lacey scarves)—
Alpaca Silk Stash

Two skeins of gorgeous rainbow silk (I’m going to make my mom a summery tank top or something similar out of this)—
Rainbow Silk Stash

Three Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino for a baby sweater—
Cashmerino Stash

Some lovely washable wool for a sweater for myself—
Julie Stash

And some needles and booklets and other stuff that you’d probably care about even less than the above.

Then a mere two weeks later, here’s my mini-stash from Mabel’s Café & Knittery:

(Can I buy whatever I can fit into one bag? Excellent!)
Mabel's Stash

Are you surprised to see that when I unpack it’s really THIS MUCH STUFF? Yeah, I can pack tightly if there’s a need!
Mabel's Stash

First, I ran to the corner and picked up all the Mission Falls I could find in a sufficient quantity of colors (which turned out to be blue and green, and I only got a dozen total ‘cause that’s all I really need for the vague idea of a project I have in mind)—
Mission Falls Stash

Then I ran to the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino to do the same. I’m excited to say I purchased every skein of creamy white that was on the shelf. This is going to make something beautiful and luxurious for my special little person—
Cashmerino Stash

Uh, let’s see… I wanted something soft and comfortable in brown to make a hat for Kate, but I couldn’t find any in the right color and/or sufficient quantity. So a quick call home to confirm that a green would work instead, and voila… I found this marvelous silky wool—
Silk Wool, Kate's Hat

And then socks… because a girl can NEVER have too much sock yarn. Ooh, look! Watermelon colors! I must have these—
Watermelon Sock Stash

Aw, do I really have to go? I bet I can get three more skinny skeins in there… Yup. They just fit. These are mine now, too—
Sock Stash

In the meantime, I’m working on another project for Knit Picks. Sorry, I can’t tell you what it is. Here’s the teaser:
Secret Hat
When it’s published, I’ll post a link.

(Speaking of Knit Picks links, here are the last 2 things I did for them: a little bracelet, and a Couple of Placemats.)

Also working on a baby jacket for a friend, but I’ve frogged it about half way back since I took a status picture, so I’m not going to post the picture ‘cause it’s not right anymore. Changed colors mid-way and added some more interest. I’ll picture it when done.

And finally, working on a pair of socks for Emily to wear with her uniform to school:
Em's Blue Sock Cuff

The first one is almost done…
Em's Blue Socks