Tuesday, August 21, 2007


This is our first day without Nancy.

It's flippin' insane.

Never in my life have I been given this much work to do while still NOT being entrusted to do it on my own.


I've been doing this for years. Years and years and years. Longer than my "new" boss, Jennifer. And just because she's an attorney doesn't mean she knows contracts any better than I do. But HER new boss, Peter, is a weird, power-hungry, micro-managing, "I'll take care of it all myself" kind of guy.

It's already clear that they don't intend to use me to my potential, because already they're not communicating with me. For instance, everyone knew that we're looking to hire a replacement for Nancy, but no one bothered to inform me. Why? Is that some sort of super-secret information you fear I can't be trusted with? Seriously. It's stupid.

Either use me well, appropriate to my experience (which, at some point, you'll have to recognize!), or you're going to lose me.

(And I applied for 3 other jobs today.)