Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lordy Lordy Look Who's Forty

Ok, I know you’re all waiting for the rest of the Ireland stories and pictures, and I really will post them soon—I promise!—but check out the awesomeness that I came home to last night.

Balloons both inside the house and out:
bday balloons inside

bday balloons outside

A cake that my mom and Emily made, then Kate and Storey decorated, with my FAVORITE flowers, no less:


And a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my dad and Deborah (not to mention the nice vase they’re in—not the typical “flower delivery” vase):

bday flowers

After dinner, our neighbors from across the street came over to join us for cake and ice cream. Emily was pretty adamant that ALL FORTY candles go on the cake; it took three people working together a full 5 minutes to light them all:

3 people lighting

And when it was lit, I think it was visible from space:

cake lit

I sang “Happy Birthday” to myself along with everyone and just as loudly as everyone else, if not louder (I love my birthday!), and then I asked everyone to help me blow out the candles. I was shocked and surprised that we got them ALL out in one go. Yay Us!

Kate & her family gave me a copy of the first Post Secret book. If you don’t know what that is, go over to my sidebar there and click on Post Secret (way up at the top). It’s a very cool project and I’m so excited to have one of the books finally!

My mom and Em bought me a beautiful new summer nightgown in the softest cotton sheeting. Mmmm. I’m SUCH a fabric snob! I especially love that it’s pink and has all this pretty beading on it. So pretty and girly!


And my mom gave me the funniest card ever:

Card Front

Card Inside


I hope your Tuesday was half as nice.

I promise to be back soon with more pictures of Ireland.