Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Three summers ago (or perhaps it was four—now I can’t remember), my best friend, our moms, and I went on a marathon shopping trip. We headed East from the Bay Area to the Nut Tree Outlet Center in Vacaville and we did some major damage. We had all been in Weight Watchers for long enough that it showed and none of us had any clothes that fit properly. It was a beautiful thing.

And then I gained back a bunch of weight. Not quite all I had lost before, but enough. I boxed up all my too-small clothes, labeled the boxes clearly, and stashed them in my closet.

Then we moved.

Last weekend, I found the boxes. Despite the clear labels, someone apparently needed to know what was in there, so they had all been opened, tossed around, and re-closed. Then they were placed under the laundry table and forgotten, I guess. At least the last time the washer overflowed no one remembered they were there.

I would estimate that a good ½ of the clothes from those four boxes were molded beyond the point of redemption. But the other half—the other half, my friends, have made their way back into my closet.

All last week and this, I’ve been wearing “new” old clothes. Without spending a dime! My favorite green linen pants with the embroidered sunflowers, the oh-so-comfy black and white polka-dot pants, the orange and white polka dots, too, not to mention the brown pedal pushers with the fabulous beadwork at the ankles or the orange plaid capris. Oh, the list goes on and on.

The only downside to this story? They’re all already a little loose. By the end of summer, nothing will fit me anymore. Of course you know I’m not REALLY complaining!


Two more go-to-beds and we head out to Ireland. I doubt I’ll post again before we leave, though I’ll probably visit some of you. I’m taking my camera and laptop, but I don’t know how the internet access will be, so no promises. But I’ll try.

I still have TOO MUCH TO DO!