Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Friday was 95* and all the past weekend was ridiculously hot and muggy. Today, however, the temps are only supposed to reach the low 70s (62 is predicted for tomorrow) and it is pissing down rain. Raining hard like I haven’t heard since November. POURING, I tell you! Weather in Portland is so weird.


I asked Em the other night if she prefers hot weather or cold weather. At 6½ she’s already a spin-doctor: “I like cold right now, but hot when it’s snowing.” Smart, or smart-ass? You decide.


I met with a nutritionist yesterday. She taught me a ton of stuff. Type II Diabetes is apparently very different than Gestational Diabetes. At least in terms of how one eats. But most importantly (since my birthday is coming up next month), she taught me how to adjust a meal so I can still eat cake. Yay!


I’ve tweaked my site some (it's at www.littlebirdshops.com, for those of you who don't remember and/or don't want to scroll down to find it). Now if you click on a picture, it’ll enlarge. Also, the content takes up more space on the page than it used to. It’s not finished, but it’s certainly better. Soon I’m going to add little thumbnail pictures to the very first page (and will make them rich with linky-goodness if I can figure out how). Also in the plans are changing the page title names and adding a Favicon to the browser bar. Thanks for all the input, my friends, but the biggest thanks to Vince and Sharon who not only gave input, but also some very specific hands-on advice. You guys are fab. (Oh but Vince, I’m not done with you yet!)


We have a busy month ahead of us. Emily’s dad is arriving for his first-ever Portland visit on Friday. He lands fairly early in the morning though, which is kind of a bummer ‘cause she’ll still be in school. But the plus side of that is he can pick her up and will have a chance to meet her friends and teachers as well as see the school. The next morning, Kate and her family are leaving for the annual Father’s Day weekend music festival/camping trip. They’ll spend the weekend driving, the early part of the week visiting family and friends, and then head into the mountains of California’s central coast on Friday morning for the main event.

About 8 hours after their expected departure time, Teri will arrive for a visit—one of only two breaks she gets from her 3rd year of medical school. We don’t have any plans, though with Teri and Eric both here, I’m sure Emily will just be beside herself!

Eric goes back home on Sunday evening, Teri and Emily leave on Wednesday evening (they’re flying to San Francisco then driving to the same music festival as the rest of the family). Mom and I will be ALL ALONE in the house until the following Tuesday. Gosh—whatever will we do?! ((hee hee))

About 10 days after Kate and crew get home, mom and I are leaving for Ireland. Well, we’re going through San Jose first so we can drop Em at her dad’s (I’m hoping he splits his time with former roommate Jessica—Em REALLY wants to hang out with her Nana for a while). I’m so flipping excited about this trip, but we’re still SO far from ready. We have our tickets but haven’t even made a hotel reservation yet. Yikes!


I cleaned up my room this weekend. We’ve been here for 8 months and I’m just now down to only 2 boxes left to unpack. Why, you ask? Because until I started feeling better, I didn’t realize how bad I felt. I’ve had no energy, I’ve been tired and grumpy, I’ve been mopey and dizzy and generally crappy. And now that I feel better, I’m finally doing things again. So I cleaned my room. Then I made 5 pairs of shorts (4 for customers, 1 for Em), a cute little denim hat for Em, and a dress for Kate to wear during their camping trip. Ok, well Kate’s dress isn’t quite done yet, but almost. Oh, and I’m about half way finished with a sweater I’m knitting for my dad’s wife (for Christmas—but it’s going faster than I anticipated). Wow.

Wait. Let me say that again: WOW!

It’s so good to feel so good. (And I bet I’ll be posting more frequently now. You know. Sorta like I used to do.)