Monday, May 07, 2007

Tis Complete

Our studio. It started its life as a garage—and it was messy. Once we decided to turn it into our studio, Jeff wasted no time pulling it all together for us.

We decided it would be easier to do it half at a time, so Jeff started by shoving everything to one side and putting up insulation (there was already a lot there, but it needed to be cleaned up and supplemented):


The momentous event pictured here is the first drywall board being installed. Yay!

First Drywall Board

Both halves of the room insulated & walled, Jeff set to taping and mudding the space:

Mudding the Walls

He found some paint in there while moving stuff around, so my mom and Kate painted 2 walls yellow (hey, who’s going to argue with free?) and the remainder white. This is Jeff putting his tool space back together:

Putting together the tools

Here it is, almost finished. The structural stuff is done, the painting is done, and we’ve begun to move things into place:

Nearly Done

Et voila! Here is our studio, ready to use.


Mom is still sorting through boxes, I haven’t even begun to unpack and move into my space—there will be all sorts of finishing touches over the lifetime of this studio (thread racks on the walls, paintings, designs, artwork, and ultimately moving the large shelving unit next to Jeff’s space so we can put a sofa in there instead)—but Kate wasted no time getting her space unpacked, comfortable, and useable. So finally, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a close-up of Kate’s Cool Corner:

Kate's Corner

We spent most of the weekend out there; we are pleased.