Thursday, May 10, 2007

Burping Fish

I almost didn’t come to work this morning. Truly, it seems that I spend far more energy during the day trying to figure out (1) how to either leave early, or (2) how to not have to come in at all the next day, than I actually spend working. Pfft. Whatever. It’s all temporary.

So in my “I don’t wanna go to work” mode this morning—which was exacerbated by the fact that Darling Em awoke at 4:00—I didn’t exactly dress my working best.

What I forgot was that we had one of our corporate attorney’s visiting. Oops. How rude is it to show up late for a meeting, dressed unprofessionally (not sloppy, but no jacket or jewelry), and then proceed to yawn throughout? I can’t help it. The room was HOT and I’m tired.

Of course the meeting ended with him taking us all out for lunch. I had the parmesan crusted Pacific salmon with wild rice and asparagus. Yeah, you wish you were me. It was wonderful.

Now, however… now I’m burping fish.

Oops. Excuse me.