Monday, April 02, 2007

Wow—so very much to say!

First of all, remember my mom’s car was stolen on Thursday night, March 22nd? (Yeah, ok. I know you don’t remember, because I checked my archives and it seems I forgot to post about it. D’Oh! Anyway, it was. So there you go.) It was found approximately 48 hours later, on Saturday the 24th—at 3:15 in the morning. And do you know what the police do when they recover your car if it’s 3:15 in the morning? They call to let you know it’s been found. They don’t just call and leave a message though, no, they call and let the phone ring once or twice, then hang up, call back, let the phone ring once or twice, hang up, call back… and you get the point. Until you answer the phone.

But then they won’t actually let you take the car, because it has to be processed or whatever. And then the insurance claims adjuster won’t come to look at it until Monday. And then he’ll call the next guy in the chain of custody, but that next guy won’t show up until Wednesday to do his job. And THEN they’ll put it into the shop to fix any damage. Or whatever.

So yeah—my mom’s car, that was stolen 12 days ago but recovered after 48 hours, has STILL not been returned to her. Wait, it gets better. They offered to let her rent a car. Her deductible is only $100, and they’d pay the balance. She could have the rental for up to a week. If she had taken them up on that offer, what good would it have done? THEY’RE the ones who kept the effin’ car more than a week! Unbelievable. Utter Incompetence.

Onto better things… Last week was spring break here in Portland, which means Jeff didn’t get any subbing jobs. Bummer for the paycheck, but SO good for the house! Look—he built us a raised garden bed:


We haven’t purchased and hauled the soil yet, but that’s ok because it’s still a little on the early (cold) side to plant. But the bed is there when we’re ready! (Heh heh. I say “we” as if I were in any way involved in the gardening. Yeah, not so much. It’s my MOM who is the gardener ‘round these parts.) So my mom and Kate also planted six (seven?) rose bushes, as well as a fruit tree. I don’t remember what kind of fruit, but it almost doesn’t matter. Fruit trees are all beautiful.

On Friday, our gazebo was finally delivered and installed. It looks great—from both sides!


Yard from other side

So of course we hot-tubbed in the rain. It was so cool to listen to while we were soaking in the steaming tub. Mmmmm. Hedonism feels so good.

Saturday was Janin’s memorial service. Of course I wasn’t able to go, but she’s been foremost in my thoughts the last number of days. A friend of hers posted some pictures, and another friend emailed them to me. Here’s one so you can see who I’ve been talking about, who I miss…


Yesterday morning, my Little Bird came home. Ah, it’s nice to have her back. I missed her something fierce. She spent the first 5 days with my former roommate, Jessica, and the last 4 with her dad. But from Em’s telling of it, her dad didn’t take days off to be with her, which frankly, I find a little insulting. Then my sister Teri went down from San Francisco to San Jose for part of Saturday to hang out with Em—just the two of them—thereby cutting into Eric’s only day with her—and he gladly agreed to the arrangement—which makes me wonder if he actually likes spending time with his daughter or if he only does it because he feels obligated. Don’t get me wrong, I know he loves her, but I’m not sure he likes hanging out with her. Whatever it is, I’m just glad Teri and Em got to spend an afternoon together. (Could it be that Eric was just being nice to Teri? Yeah, I suppose… but he’s so selfish otherwise, I have a hard time swallowing that.)

Anyway, after I picked Em up at the airport, we went home, had breakfast, piled everyone into Kate’s car, and we went to the zoo! We had a great day and I have photos, but this post is already photo-heavy, so I’ll write about the zoo and share pictures later this week.

Until then, be nice to each other.