Wednesday, April 11, 2007

So Tired

My dad and his wife arrived on Easter Sunday about 2 ½ hours after scheduled, but they did finally get here.

Monday, Em didn’t have school so I took the day off as well. After a lazy morning, we went out for lunch, then they took all three kids to Salem to visit two of Deborah’s great-aunts. It sounds like they had a great time. Kate and I took advantage of the free day to watch a movie.

Yesterday evening, Deborah and I went to one of our local SnB hangouts, where we ogled yarn, ended up buying some (and new patterns), but mostly just knitted and yammered. It was a nice evening, but now I feel like the last couple of days are catching up with me and I’m SO tired.

Today when I get off work, we’re all to meet downtown at Powell’s City of Books, then head out for dinner together.

So far, no pictures. Sorry. Maybe Kate will remember her camera today (I forgot mine as I was leaving for work).

Tomorrow, they go home and mom comes back from her trip to Albuquerque. I’m ready to have her home. Ready to get back to normal.