Thursday, April 26, 2007


I'm going to quit my job. I interviewed yesterday with a headhunter for a 3 or 6 or 9 month temp job--closer to home—to tide me over while I get my sewing business up and running. It'll probably be August before this comes to fruition, but I'm ok with that. It means I'll get paid vacation time while we're in Ireland in July.

The plan is to take the difference in pay between where I am now and wherever I end up being and stash it so that at the end of the position I'll be able to afford NOT to work for a while--and during both the new job and the hiatus I'm planning on, I'll sew.

My Mom, Kate, Jeff, and my dad are all on board with this. My dad's response was, "You've been fucking around with this idea for 20 years--it's about time you got serious with it!".

My dad rocks. Heck, they all do!

So my mom and I are going to take out an ad in the church bulletin where I mention not just wedding dresses and formals, but also Christening gowns and First Communion dresses. They’ll run the ad for 52 bulletins; the price is reasonable, they’ll help with copy-setting, they’ll let me change it up to 4 times during the run, and they’ll let me pay monthly with no interest charge.

We’re also going to get a webpage up by Mother’s Day.

Two of the other parishioners at the church are in the wedding business--one is a planner, the other owns a veil shop ( --so I'm going to talk to them about referrals (both ways) and see if we can work out some sort of a deal.

Mom and I figured if I got an average of one dress per month, along with the children's clothes she makes, we'll be fine. I’m betting we get more than that though, what with all the various offerings.

As small as it seems, one of the biggest perks is going to be not having to drive to the outskirts of Portland every day will. I will save an average of $200 a month just in gasoline, not to mention wear and tear on the engine, tires, etc.

So... it's scary, but exciting. And I really think I can make it work. And I'm SO EXCITED about the idea of not being someone's fucking admin anymore, I can't even tell you!

There ya go. That's the PLAN.

What do you think?