Friday, March 23, 2007

Weekend is on the way.

So remember when I went to California with my mom in late February to spend the weekend scrapbooking with some of my best friends? And remember how the very best (my "Person", if you will) couldn't be there because her grandfather died and she had to fly to the midwest very suddenly?

Well, we're making it up.

This afternoon I'm leaving work early to fly to California for the weekend.

Oh come on, it's not really as gluttonous as all that. I'm flying Em to her dad's for spring break. It just so happens that I can squeeze a weekend of my own out of it!

The good: I get to hang out with my person for 2 full days.

The bad: My other person, my own little person, is going to be gone for NINE whole days! I'm going to miss her like crazy.

While she's gone, I'm going to try to get my bedroom painted and moved around. We'll see how far I actually get. Dreams are good, but not something to live on. (I mean really--we have a hot tub now. It might just call me to it every afternoon, and I'm just guessing that its voice will be louder than that of the paint roller. What? I'm just sayin'.)

I gotta go. Things to be, people to do. Back atcha Monday, Folks. Have a wonderful weekend.