Monday, March 26, 2007

So Good...

Em and I met the nicest person on the airplane Friday evening. We ended up driving her from the airport in San Jose all the way to her home in San Francisco (it wasn't much out of the way since we were driving up to Sonoma County anyway). We exchanged emails--I hope I hear from her. So cool!

When we arrived at Jessica's house (you remember Jessica, she's the one who was my roommate for 10 years, who helped me raise Em for the first 4+, and whom Em calls her "Nana"), Emily woke up from her 9:00 nap and the three of us stayed up until almost midnight. It was so nice to just hang out with Jess and Em, and Jess was overjoyed to have her "baby" back for 5 nights.

Saturday morning we got up late-ish, had coffee and bagels, hung out in our PJs for a while, and then I went to meet up with Jena. She and I scrapbooked together all day long, taking only a couple of breaks along the way. I slept surprisingly well on a fold-out couch, and slept late again, then we scrapped more on Sunday morning and into the day. I'm almost done with my "trip to NYC" book; it looks good!

Last night when I got to the airport I discovered there was another flight to Portland scheduled to leave a full hour earlier than the one I was booked on. The wonderful people at Alaska transfered me onto the other flight--at no charge--and my time at the airport waiting area was cut from an hour and 20 minutes down to less than 20. Woo Hoo! They even found my checked suitcase and got it onto the right plane, so when I got home , I got to watch a Mystery with my mom, Kate & Jeff. And then I got to sleep in my very own bed.

This weekend was exactly what I needed. I feel human again, although I miss Emily something fierce and it's only Monday. Her dad brings her home on Sunday morning...

While she's gone, I'm going to finish a baby sweater I'm making for a new friend at work. Her shower was on Thursday, but I didn't find out about it until Tuesday, so she didn't even get a card. Oops. I started the cutest white and nave wool sweater for him--I'll take pictures later.

Oh--and while I was gone, the police found my mom's car. It seems to be fine. We'll find out for sure today.