Tuesday, March 13, 2007

House Updates

First of all, thanks for your good thoughts. I haven't heard from my friend yet, or from the author of the post. But I'm not giving up hope of finding her again... at least now I know where she lives.


As I was telling the little Slothful one this morning, our electrical stuff is finally all installed (Woo Hoo!). The guy is supposed to come today to fill in the ditch (we’ll see if that happens; he was supposed to come yesterday), then Saturday the hot tub guys are coming back to put the tub in its right place, then the inspectors will come sign off on the electrical work, THEN we can fill up and plug in the tub. I can't wait!

Jeff spent much of this weekend dry-walling the garage—it’s looking good! The ceiling is done (and let me tell you, in case you forgot or never thought about it, buildings that are 100 years old are SO NOT SQUARE! Sheesh; he certainly earned his supper this weekend!), and I think he’ll start on the walls soon…but I’m not going to push him.

However, I'm SO ready for this all to be done. We hired the electricians on February 7th, bought the hot tub on February 11th, and have been waiting for one thing or another ever since. It's torture to SEE this gorgeous thing on our patio and to know we still have to wait another week or two to use it.

Oh, we also ordered 2 new bookcases for the living room (which arrived a couple weeks ago), and 2 sofas for the family room downstairs. My mom said she received notice Friday that they've been shipped. It comes together like a jigsaw puzzle. Once the garage is finished, we can move the remaining boxes from the family room into the new studio, then we can paint and put the family room together. It’s going to be so nice.

Oh, I don't know if I already said this, but I FINALLY ordered a new bed-frame for myself; I got it on E-bay and it's due to ship from So Cal this morning. YAY! It’s a beautiful dark oak mission style head and footboard, as well as a night table. I got my curtains last week and picked out paint this weekend. I’m going to have the prettiest room ever. You know, once it’s FINISHED. Which might take a few more months. Ack.

But I’m taking pictures as we go with my fab-oo new camera and will post before-and-afters when we’re done with each project.