Friday, February 09, 2007

Week END

Oh my god, what a week! It was our annual sales kick off at work. Nearly every employee from every office world-wide came into Portland for a series of meetings and lunches (and dinners and drinking and parties) and team-building activities and training.

I’m exhausted, but I’m also happy to say that I’m finally ready to drink a big ol’ glass of Company Brand Kool-Aid. I’ve bought into the corporate line and I’m ready to be part of this huge, awesome team. Now, if only my immediate, smaller team here at the corporate office can get their shit together and stop treating me like the admin, I could be very happy here for a long time.

In other news… Oh wait, there is no other news. That’s all I’ve done all week. I haven’t even seen Emily most days.

Oh—but did I ever tell you guys I knitted a sample garment for the Knit Picks Spring catalogue? Yeah, they’re paying me to knit and then they’re putting pictures of the stuff I knit in their catalogue and online! How cool is that?! So this week, I got another commission for them. I’m making a pair of socks for the fall catalogue. Yay fun!

Oh yeah, and our house in California is someone else’s house now. It has sold and we’re done with it. No more double mortgages. Whew. So we’re going to buy a hot tub this weekend. And I plan on spending some one-on-one time with my beautiful daughter.

Have a fabulous weekend. By Monday, I should have some good weekend Emily stories to share with y’all.