Tuesday, February 27, 2007


The weekend was a success. In addition to much scrapping, we also got to see my old roommate, Jessica, for a bit, and we went out for a Thai lunch with my younger sister. All around, very satisfactory (though it would have been better if my Person was there...).

My mom reminded me last night that the first number of months at my last (good) job were very rocky. I guess since that rough spot was 10 years ago it's easy to gloss over the bad stuff. It fades with age. Anyway, it was the right thing to hear at the right time. It helps me hold onto the faith that although this job may suck sometimes, maybe we're just in the early stages of ironing out the wrinkles.

I hope so anyway.

I have this fabulous new digital camera I told you about a couple posts ago. As soon as I can get 30 minutes on the computer at home to figure out how to upload, I'll post some pictures of stuff I completed this weekend.

Oh, and one final thing... my mom and I have decided to trade bedrooms. This will give me and Emily significantly more space, and I think that'll make a big difference.

So yay; life seems to be good again. At least in fits and starts.

(Seamus--what time zone are you in and do you still have the same cell phone number? I was going to call you last night but wasn't sure if you'd be awake.)