Friday, January 19, 2007

Bits and Stuff

I went to a meeting in our corporate office in NorCal on Monday. It was more interesting than I expected, and I might get another (different/better) set of responsibilities out of it. We’ll see.

Em and I got home late Monday night. It was chilly, but not frigid. I was surprised to wake up to this on Tuesday morning:


So of course, I stayed home and we played.


Wednesday I stayed home again, but by yesterday I was a little stir crazy. I came into work late, to avoid the icy freeways, and left early for the same reason, but was overwhelmingly busy while at work—and you all know how much I like being busy at work! So it was a good day.

Our SBCGlobal email accounts were disabled (without notice—the bastards!), including my randomaimee email. If you want to email me and don’t already have my private address (and in case I don’t get around to updating my profile anytime soon), please use

We got an offer on the California house on Monday, which we accepted. Thank God. They’ve asked for a 20 day escrow, too, so if all goes smoothly, we should be out from under it by February 5th. Cross your fingers! This will be our third time in escrow…

As you no doubt guessed from last week’s picture, Emily is going to a Catholic school here in town (which pleased Eric and his folks so much they offered to pay half of her tuition).


As I was saying, Em is in Catholic school and totally loving it. She was so excited on her first day she was bouncing on the bed singing, "I get to wear my uniform, I get to wear my uniform!", then when she got home she was so excited to tell me that another girl in her class was wearing the exact same dress (they have the option of dress or slacks and it was cold, so no surprise that only one other girl was in a dress). By the third day, she was kind of dismayed, "Mommy, everybody always wears exactly the same clothes!"

Apparently yesterday morning she had some words with my mom about the uniform thing again. When my mom answered her question, she was silent. We’re bracing ourselves for the inevitable re-visitation of this issue.


And on a completely unrelated note, here is a rough transcription of a conversation with Kate, our mom, and Jeff last night:

Me, “Are you wearing makeup?”

Kate, “A little mascara. We left the house today!”

Me, “Oh. Well, it looks nice on you.”

Mom, “I can’t remember the last time I wore mascara. Oh—on Christmas I think I did.”

Kate, “Aimee wears makeup so infrequently that she still has the same eyeshadow she bought in high school!”
Jeff, “You should throw that away. It goes bad you know.”

Kate, “Not this stuff, it’s powdered.”

Me, “Make up goes bad?”

Kate, “Yeah, well, mascara does. It grows bacteria and stuff in it.”

Jeff, “Yeah—bacteria. Throw that crap away.”

Me, “Damn. I bet I’ve had the same mascara for like 10 years!”
Kate, “Ewww. It’s made with bat-shit you know.”

Me, “No it’s not! I used to be, but it’s all chemicals now.”

Kate, “Yours is still made with bat shit—it’s old enough!”

(Maybe you had to be there. It was hilarious at the time.)