Monday, December 18, 2006

So much going on.

Kate joined me on Saturday evening at my company Christmas party; we got to get dressed up, eat good food, meet at least one interesting person, and have a good time. We still managed to get home early.

Today is Emily’s birthday. Six years old already. Man alive, I’m not sure where the time went!

Yesterday was her party. She had fun playing with about half a million other kids. Only two of our neighbors showed up, but they were the ones who have young daughters, both of whom also came, so that was nice. Maybe we’ll meet the others when it warms up.

Speaking of cold, it was 22* this morning when I left my house. It took me 10 minutes to get the lock on my car door unfrozen, then another 10 to get my car warm enough to defrost (a little bit) and drive. When the ice on my window warmed enough to be slushy, I tried to wipe it off using my windshield wipers. It was so cold though that it only stayed slush for half the trip—by the downward swipe of my blades, it was already ice on my window again.

I was an hour late to work because of the cold and the traffic. I think I’ll take lunch and leave late today. It’ll be easier than fighting traffic on the way home.

I have to get back to work. I’m very, very busy now. Yay! I’ll really try to post more soon. I have a lot to talk about in terms of Christmas and reconnecting with old friends.

Until then, be nice to each other!