Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Post In Which Nanner Sat Next To The Minister During Dinner

In a nutshell:

(1) Northwest Airlines SUCKS.

(2) Detroit is not a pretty city.

(3) Nanner truly does pack more beads than clothes when she goes on roadtrips.

(4) Julie and Rick are too cool for words. I *heart* them both.

(5) Regan knows how to throw a fabulous party.

(6) If someone is saying a prayer before dinner to a room full of people and you cross your fingers under the table, Nanner can hold in the giggles (barely), but Julie can not.

(7) Our girls Nanner, Julie and Regan can dance. And there are pictures to prove it. (Nanner even danced with Santa Clause, but only once. I think he didn't like her stepping on his feet. But that's just a guess.)

(8) Kevin is very, very nice, and very, very tall. And (I don't know why this never occurred to me before I met him) he has a southern drawl. I wasn't expecting that.

(9) I'm flying home tomorrow, packing everything I need, and driving to Portland on Monday morning. My job starts Tuesday.

(10) My sister Kate's dear friend Leslie (Hi Leslie!) will watch Em for me while I'm at work, so I'm taking Emily with me to Portland.

(11) Emily is beside herself happy at the prospect of living in a hotel for 2 weeks. I must say, I'm not that thrilled about the hotel part, but I'm overjoyed that we found a way I could bring her with me.

(12) If 3 girls go to Denny's for breakfast, it is indeed possible to have a total of nine drinks on the table. And it's also possible to consume all nine drinks.

(13) There is a sporting goods store in Pittsburgh called Dicks. This makes me laugh. Despite the silliness, they have a tremendous array of overpriced Steelers stuff (pronounced "Stillers", for yinz who don't know better). Terrible Towels are now abundant in this hotel. (We missed you, E-Lo.)

There is more, but I'm done typing for now. Bye!