Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Life in a Hotel

The movers came to the California house yesterday. My mom is cleaning this morning, then driving half way this afternoon. Tomorrow she should arrive in Portland.

Thank God.

Our house in Portland closes tomorrow, but they're renting back from us for a few days, so we won't get into it until Sunday I think. The movers arrive Tuesday to deliver all our stuff.

In the meantime, we're living in a hotel still. I'm driving an hour in the morning to drop Em at Leslie's house, another hour get to work (back from whence I started). In the evenings, that drive in takes anywhere from an hour to two hours, depending on traffic. But once we eat (last night was Morroccan food--sooo gooood!) and get ready to leave, it only takes 35 minutes to get back "home".

This means I'm not sleeping enough and I'm always tired. Plus, being the newest one in the office adds to the pressure because I have to be "on" all day long. It's taking its toll on my body. The cold I awoke with the morning after the Evil Pittsburgh reception is still with me eleven days later. Only now it's morphed into an ear infection. I feel like my right ear drum is about to burst.

I have a Dr. appt. this afternoon at 3:30. I don't have insurance yet though, so to quote the Eagles, I "gotta pay in cash". Ouch.

Sorry, this is kind of a downer post. I think I'll go take a nap now. I'll write more when I'm feeling better.