Monday, November 27, 2006

I’m supposed to get my furniture tomorrow, with a $500 discount. But it’s snowing, so the pass at Shasta might be closed. We’ll see.

Thanksgiving was fabulous. Seriously—it was wonderful! Leslie’s whole family is as awesome, friendly, warm, welcoming, funny, and fun as she is. I was a little nervous about celebrating my favorite holiday with a houseful of mostly strangers, but it turns out I had nothing to worry about. Oh yeah, and the food was beyond compare!

Friday was a kind of nothing day. We slept in, went to the Laundromat, went to the grocery store. Nothing special, but very nice.

Saturday morning we had an alarm system installed (yes, I am that girl. I always have an alarm system in my house. Shut up). Then we went to the Children's Museum which was FANTASTIC! As soon as Kate and family get here, we’re SO buying a year-long family pass!

Yesterday, Emily and I had a bath in our most awesome, huge bathtub (have I mentioned the tub yet? It’s almost double-deep, it has a sloped back for laying down, and it has jets. I love the bathtub!), then we discovered a knit café in town, so we went there for about 3 hours—all three of us. Emily was amazingly good that whole time. She sat still and drew pictures most of the time, and also read some books to herself and to me and Bai-Yah.

Since she was so well behaved, I returned the favor. After we dropped my mom off at home, I took Em to a McDonalds with a playland for dinner. We stayed about 2 hours. I got a lot of knitting done yesterday (which is good, because I’ve been hired to make a sample for the 2007 KnitPicks catalogue and it’s due on December 7th!).

Scene: Last night, at Em’s bedtime, after repeating myself too many times—

Me (shouting): “Emily! Go put on your pjs NOW, before I go all Rambo on your ass!”

Emily (looking completely mystified): “Mom, why would you put a rainbow on my ass?”