Friday, October 13, 2006

The Scoop

We've had 5 different offers promised or presented on this house. For a variety of different reasons, some sound and some really stupid, everyone has failed to perform. We're still active on the market.

On the plus side, we're seeing a LOT of activity, which means we have a house that's appealing and a price that's reasonable. Soon we'll be in escrow. I can feel it in my bones. (I hope they're not lying!)

I also received a job offer this morning (I'll call them Company S). I've been waiting for it since Monday evening--it was supposed to arrive on Wednesday. I'm frustrated that it took this long, because I had to put off another potential employer (I'll call them Company F) who I really would rather work for.

Or so I thought.

Once I got the offer from Company S, I let Susan, the headhunter for Company F, know the terms so she could negotiate a better offer for me from the preferred place.

They went back and forth all day long--each party calling me between every round of negotiations (which, by the way, is totally NOT cool; I should ONLY have been hearing from Susan).

In the end, I got a nasty phone call from the General Counsel of Company F telling me he had a "bad taste in his mouth" and informing me that I went around the proper process by communicating with them while they were negotiating with Susan. "Especially", he said, "in a community as small as Portland". (I seriously wondered if he was the asshole who hired/fired JP last summer.) He wished me luck with my job and said maybe we'd run into each other.

Gawd. I fucking hope not. And man-alive am I glad I found out what a manipulative dick he can be before I decided to work for him!

So I'll accept the offer from Company S on Monday.

In the meantime, having the offer means I can get pre-approval on my loan. So this evening, my mom and I put in an offer on the GREATEST HOUSE EVER in Portland. It's a funky old house, built in 1909, with 5 bedrooms, fir floors, a wrap-around porch, a tree-house and huge playset for Emily, and a gorgeously finished basement. Oh yes, when it is ours, you WILL see pictures! We'll know by 3:00 Sunday if they've accepted our offer (which is, of course, contingent on the sale of the California house--keep your fingers crossed we get into escrow soon).

And that, my friends, is that. I leave again Tuesday for Portland. I have a rather elaborate wedding celebration to be part of. Wednesday will be manicures and pedicures for we bridesmaids, then the bachelorette party. Thursday I have to do last-minute alterations on a bridesmaid's dress, then we have the rehearsal dinner. Friday evening is the wedding. Saturday morning, the inspection on the house (if our offer is accepted), and Saturday evening the wedding reception.

Monday, a week and 2 days from now, I start my job.

I'm already exhausted.

Say lots and lots of "ESCROW" type words to the heavens for us. I'll update you as the information comes our way. (I'm smiling right now, by the way.)