Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It Worked!

Our offer in Portland was accepted contingent on the sale of the California house.

As of last evening, we are in contract in California. Yay!

Oh--and my start date has been postponed to November 8th (yes, a Tuesday) to accommodate my schedule. I have to pack boxes, see my sister for her birthday, spend Halloween with the kid and cousins, and go to a wedding reception in Pennsylvania. Ah, it's busy to be so loved!

So now all we have to do is wait and prepare. Since I'm not staying for work next week, I'm not driving to the Portland wedding today. I found a last minute airfare, so I'm flying up tomorrow morning. This poses only a small problem in that I was supposed to transport some certain materials for the bride and groom which I will not bring on an airplane. Crap. I forgot about it when I made the reservations!

In the meantime, Emily is with her dad. At Disneyland. So now when I call him a Disneyland Dad, it's no longer pejorative, it's literal. (Bastard.)

I have to go sew now. I'm a bridesmaid on Friday and really, truly must finish my dress! I'll update with better posts soon. You know, stories about Emily. Stuff like that.